About the photo project

August 15, 2015 or 08/15, a number that symbolizes mediocrity. The perfect date to start this project.

I spent 12222 days on this planet and it seems, that my life increasingly loses momentum and my personal development stalls. Where are the days when we discovered something new behind every corner and explored the world with utmost excitement? Where have all the adventures gone, when did I learn something new last?

Didn’t we all plan to become spacemen, rock stars and magicians? What have we become? A simple mind with not more than an average job in a mediocre world? Living a random life in a replaceable snow dome.

it seems that we automate our daily life and simply do not notice or even forget the magic moments in life. all we keep in mind is a blurry glimpse of the witnessed.

I do not want to forget, I want to remember, remember every single day for the rest if my life.

1 picture a day should capture the essentials of life

1 picture a day should trigger my memory

1 picture a day retrospecting the outstanding moments and realizing that every day counts

1 picture a day should help me gathering all the encyclopedic knowledge permanently lashing down on me.

1 picture a day not to give up living beyond mediocrity

Never forget, never become mediocre – how cool would that be?


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